Welcome to Spa City Cello

Hi, my name is Demetria! Welcome to my studio where I offer Suzuki cello lessons and Cello Tonal Vibration Therapy in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Cello Tonal Vibration Therapy

Cello Sound Therapy is the use of vibrations and energy produced by the cello and the cellist to restore another human being on a cellular level. Tonal vibration created by the cello penetrates the body to create deep relaxation..

Follow stories and pictures from Demetria’s sound healing and teaching studio.

Cello Educator

At Spa City Cello Studio, students learn using the Suzuki method for cello. Lessons are weekly, with group classes offered..

Cello Lessons


30 minutes & up

Cello Sound Therapy


1 hour private session

Music for Yoga


1 hour with instructor