Cello Clinic and Concert Schedule

April 21st Cello Clinic and Concert

Arrival 1pm
unpack cellos go to assigned rooms
If you are not in a group until 2:45 you can plan on arriving at 2:30pm

Group Assignments
Your group name is your piece name

James Bond
1:15- 2pm- Rehearse on your own
Connor Williams, Ethan Neidhart, Johanan Williams, Sean Osborne

Secrets  Room 20
1:15- 2:30pm – Rehearsal with coaching from Demetria
JP Valentine , Jacob Feinland

Chanson Triste  Room 22
1:30pm-2pm – Rehearsal with coaching  from Kathleen Bowman
Sara Feinland, Emily MacDougall, Megan Halms

Vivaldi  Room 22
2-2:30pm – Rehearsal with coaching from Kathleen Bowman
Connor Williams, Ethan Neidhart

Pastiche  Room 20
2pm-2:30pm Rehearsal with coaching from Demetria
Emily Luger, Mary Gailor, Bryn Giambona, Victoria Demasi

Suzuki Book 1 Room 22
2:45-3:45pm Rehearsal and coaching from Kathleen Bowman
Nick Wright, Shannon Kelly, Olivia Weeden, Annabell Groseclose, Jacob Feinland

Cello Orchestra Rehearsal

Dinner on your Own

Concert 6:30pm

Please bring concert dress or wear them. Concert dress is nice casual

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