Cello Vibration Energy Fusion

I have been working with energy and sound and fusing them together to help clients feel grounded, heal, decrease stress, fell less anxiety, clear chakras and increase energy flow in the body. I have been getting excellent feedback from clients. Here is a current review from a friend.

I recently had the pleasure to experience my first sound healing session with Demetria.  I have had a lot of work related stress which has caused me to experience heightened anxiety.  

“Throughout the session I could feel my mind and body respond to the different tonal vibrations, the various sounds of a singing bowl, breath work and energy healing.  I felt a new sense of lightness and peace as the stress and negative energy left my body.  This was truly a unique, uplifting and enriching experience.  Demetria creates a comforting, safe and nurturing space that will leave you feeling restored both physically and mentally and emotionally” M. Murley

Monhegan Island Maine

This is the second year I have been able to attend this retreat with my energy colleagues. I feel so blessed and honored to provide the cello tonal sound vibrations for this week of healing and restoration! Here are some beautiful photos from the retreat.