Yo Yo Ma with Albany Symphony


    Yo Yo Ma will be performing at the Place Theater January 12th with the Albany Symphony! It is a Saturday night. The tickets are normally $90. I have contacted the group sales office and asked if we can get a discount for my studio. The answer was YES. 
They can give us balcony seats for $30 a person. We have to have a minimum of 15 people. We can have more than that. We will all sit together. I need to know by this Thursday if you would like to reserve a ticket. The earlier we get it in the better the seats.
He will be performing :

Cello Concerto
Elegy for Cello and Orchestra

Let me know!

Welcome, students

This is my new and official blog for my cello studio. I want to make it easier for you to stay informed. I will post links to interesting videos, update schedules and give general information about upcoming concerts and opportunities for you.

I want you all to know how special each an every one of you is to me. I have committed myself to my love of teaching the cello. I continue to study the cello myself weekly and I attend many yearly workshops from chamber music festivals to Suzuki training workshops. I want to continue to always give back to my student’s new and exciting ideas and techniques.