Cello Sound Therapy

Cello Sound Therapy is the use of vibrations and energy produced by the cello and the cellist to restore another human being on a cellular level.

Sign up for Cello Sound Therapy: https://kindnestwellness.com/cello-sound-therapy. KindNest is located at 1 Rosell Dr, Ballston Lake, NY 12019.

Healing the Spirit with Sound

I visited Costa Rica in 2019 and experienced a life-changing week. I played my cello for yoga classes and for the residents of a small local village. It was there that I first felt the real energy of the vibrations of the cello and its healing powers. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I played for my yoga class. I discovered myself that day and realized that I had to use my cello experience to help heal other people.

Sound therapy can be used to treat physical and mental conditions. Sounds can include drums, voice, gongs, and instruments like cello. This tonal vibration created by the cello penetrates the body to create a sense of deep relaxation. This can release stress and anxiety and begin to restore the body mentally and physically.

Everyone feels and interprets sound differently. My intention is to have each person I play for have their own emotional/physical experience.

Cello sound therapy can be used to:

  • Clear and balance chakras
  • Reduce stress/anxiety
  • Improve breath work/lung expansion
  • Practice mediation

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