Cello Sound Therapy

Cello Sound Therapy is the use of vibrations and energy produced by the cello and the cellist to restore another human being on a cellular level.

Everyone feels and interprets sound differently. My intention is to have each person I play for have their own emotional/physical experience.

Sound therapy can be used to treat physical and mental conditions. Tonal vibration created by the cello penetrates the body to create deep relaxation. The cello’s sonic vibrations match those found within the human body. The benefits are as follows, stress relief, anxiety relief, better sleep, feeling grounded, restoration of the body mentally, physically and spiritually.

Cello Sound Therapy Session

For 2-4 people in private studio

Session includes mats, blankets, and eye pillows.

Typical session of sound includes:

  • Guided meditation
  • Breathing with the cello
  • Cello vibrational tones
  • Tibetan bowls, Koshi chimes and ocean drum

Cello Sound Therapy Fusion

For 1 person in private studio. Client is on table for this session.

Combination of cello tonal vibrations and energy body work. Energy is cleared using combination of Meridian points and Reiki.

Cello tones are used to clear blockages in chakras or other parts of the body.

Sound Bath for Groups

For several people in a group studio setting.

Immerse yourself in a sound experience designed for a guided meditation.

Enjoy sounds of the cello, Tibetan bowls, Koshi chimes, ocean drum, singing drums, and bells.


“How incredible to join you for such a magical evening of musical healing on Monhegan!

You were so kind to invite us warmly into your group, and we were so happy to lay that blanket down at the lighthouse, and to be utterly transported.

It was – without any doubt – one of my favorite summer memories.”

Brooke B., visiting pastor on Monhegan Island, Maine

“I had a session with Demetria last week. It resulted in deep relaxation and healthy processing of recent stressful events.

I highly recommend cello sound therapy with Demetria!”

Anne Marie H.., Saratoga Springs, NY

“I recently had the pleasure to experience my first sound healing session with Demetria.  I have had a lot of work related stress which has caused me to experience heightened anxiety.  

Throughout the session I could feel my mind and body respond to the different tonal vibrations, the various sounds of a singing bowl, breath work and energy healing.  I felt a new sense of lightness and peace as the stress and negative energy left my body.  This was truly a unique, uplifting and enriching experience.  Demetria creates a comforting, safe and nurturing space that will leave you feeling restored both physically and mentally and emotionally.”

Michelle M. ,LCSW ,CADC

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