The Adirondack Salt Cave

I am so excited to announce that I will be offering a Cello Sound Meditation at the Adirondack Salt Cave on July 23rd at 2pm and 4pm. Come immerse yourself in healing sounds of the cello and receive the benefits from Halo Therapy from the Himalayan Salt environment. Please look at link for moreContinue reading “The Adirondack Salt Cave”

Cello Vibration Energy Fusion

I have been working with energy and sound and fusing them together to help clients feel grounded, heal, decrease stress, fell less anxiety, clear chakras and increase energy flow in the body. I have been getting excellent feedback from clients. Here is a current review from a friend. I recently had the pleasure to experience myContinue reading “Cello Vibration Energy Fusion”

Cello Sound Therapy

Come experience the healing power of sound at KindNest located 1 Rosell Drive, Suite 2Ballston Lake, NY. I am providing cello sound therapy twice a month. Please sign up through KindNest Benefits of Sound Therapy: ​Reduces Stress Regulates Mood Swings ​Lowers Blood Pressure ​Calms Anxiety/Tension ​Improves Sleep This 45-minute session will nurture your mind, body,Continue reading “Cello Sound Therapy”