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Spac Learning Library

I am so excited to be part of the SPAC learning library for instrument beginnings. Now you can view the basics of learning the cello. Here is Part 1 of learning cello!

New Studio Complete

I am so excited to share my new studio with all my students. Lessons begin September 14th. We have more space and even access to outdoors with the garage door being open during lessons. Here are some photos of the new studio. We also… Continue Reading “New Studio Complete”

Music on the Beach

Book One Concert

Congratulations to Sosuke and Yugo for completing Suzuki book one!

2014-2015 summary

Thank you for a great 2014-2015 teaching season. Here are some of the highlights. We had a successful year learning to play cello. We had a group class in September followed by a Spooky Suzuki concert. As always, our Christmas play-in before a Suzuki… Continue Reading “2014-2015 summary”