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Twinkle Graduates

Congratulations to Gracie and Nicolo on performing their twinkle variations!

Group Class during Covid-19

We performed outside with masks for the residents at the Home of the Good Shepherd in Saratoga Springs, NY. It was a beautiful day! I am so proud of how each student stated their name, the piece they would perform and how old they… Continue Reading “Group Class during Covid-19”

Congratulations Nate on a beautiful performance on Book 2!

Book One Concert

Congratulations to Sosuke and Yugo for completing Suzuki book one!

2014-2015 summary

Thank you for a great 2014-2015 teaching season. Here are some of the highlights. We had a successful year learning to play cello. We had a group class in September followed by a Spooky Suzuki concert. As always, our Christmas play-in before a Suzuki… Continue Reading “2014-2015 summary”